Sunday, 16 October 2011

Blog Action Day - FOOOOD :)

So today is Blog Action Day, a day everyone blogs about one topic. This year the topic is food glorious food :) This worked out well because me, saoirse and brona are doing our young scientists project on the effects of fast food on your concentration, stamina and health so I'll just talk about that. While researching for our project I found an experiment done by an American doctor on the effects of fast food:
She bought a fast food burger and also made a home made burger. She left them both out for 11 days. After the 11 days the home made burger had completely rotted like normal food should. But the fast food burger stayed exactly the same as it had on the day she bought it. The appearance didn't change at all. It got me thinking about what is actually put into fast food and to be honest i don't think I want to know...Heres a picture of the experiment done by the doctor in America:
The burger on the left is the fast food one (unchanged after 11 days) and the one on the right is the home made burger....

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