Friday, 7 October 2011

Can we fix it?!

The annual fun walk was on today and it had to be the best one yet!
Class Banba dressed up as builders and we did our dance to bob the builder :) Mr L. dressed up as a school girl in our uniform and was being bullied by Ms. B who was also dressed in the school uniform! So being the mad cool builders we are, we marched in to fix the bullying :) We were the first class in the whole school to do our dance which got everyone excited because by the time we had to dance we were all so hyped up. The dance went really well and even if we don't win we all had such a great time, it was so fun. (especially dressing Mr L up!)
We didn't actually have to do the walk because every year TYs help people cross the roads so we just chilled with Ms Hughes pressing the button on the traffic lights!
Overall it was one of the best days of TY so far and I think everyone in Banba will agree that we have seriously bonded as a class and I cannot wait for the next few months. Heres a few photos of the day:


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